The following list includes all of Wes' major recordings, but does not include compilations, re-issues, or posthumous releases.  Each listing includes the album name, year recorded, personell listing, and track listing.  The first musician listed is the band leader (except when Wes recorded as "The Montgomery Brothers", in which case Wes is listed first).  The information on this page comes from Adrian Ingram's book entitled Wes Montgomery (Ashley Mark Publishing Co., 1985).  See this book for a more complete discography.

Wes Montgomery(G), Freddie Hubbard(Tr), Waymon "Punchie" Atkinson(TS), Alonzo "Pookie" Johnson(TS), Buddy Montgomery(V), Monk Montgomery(B), Joe Bradley(P), Paul Parker(D).

Sound Carrier;  Lois Ann;  Bud's Beaux Arts;  Bock to Bock;  All the Things You Are;  Billie's Bounce.

KISMET  (1958)
The Mastersounds: Buddy Montgomery(V), Richard Crabtree(P), Wes Montgomery(G), Monk Montgomery(B), Benny Barth(D).

Overture;  Gesticulate + Rhyme Have I;  Olive Tree;  Not Since Ninevah;  Baubles, Bangles and Beads;  Fate;  And This My Beloved;  Stranger in Paradise.

Wes Montgomery(G), Buddy Montgomery(V), Monk Montgomery(EB), Freddie Hubbard(Tr), Waymon Atkinson(TS), Joe Bradley(P), Paul Parker(D), Harold Land(TS), Tony Bazely(D).

Sound Carrier;  Bock to Bock;  Hymn for Carl;  Baubles, Bangles and Beads, Montgomer Land Funk, Stompin' at the Savoy.

Wes Montgomery(G), Monk Montgomery(B), Buddy Montgomery(P), Pony Poindexter(AS), Louis Hayes(D), Harold Land(TS), Tony Bazely(D).

Monk's Shop;  Summertime;  Falling in Love with Love;  Renie;  Far Wes;  Leila;  Old Folks;  Wes' Tune.

Jon Hendricks(Vo), Wes Montgomery(G), Cannonball Adderley(AS), Pony Poindexter(S&Vo), Nat Adderley(Co), Buddy Montgomery(V), Gildo Mahones (P), Monk Montgomery(B), Jimmy Wormsworth(D), Walter Bolden(D).

Everything Started in the House of the Lord;  Music in the Air;  Feed Me;  I'll Die Happy;  Pretty Strange;  The Shouter;  Minor Catastrophe;  Social Call;  Out of the Past;  A Good Git-Together;  I'm Gonna Shout.

Wes Montgomery(G), Melvin Rhyne(O), Paul Parker(D).

Round Midnight;  Yesterdays;  The End Of a Love Affair;  Whisper Not;  Ecorah;  Satin Doll;  Missile Blues;  Too Late Now;  Jingles.

Wes Montgomery(G), Tommy Flanagan(P), Percy Heath(B), Albert Heath(D).

D-Natural Blues;  Polka Dots and Moonbeams;  Four on Six;  West Coast Blues;  In Your Own Sweet Way;  Mister Walker;  Gone with the Wind.

WORK SONG  (1960)
Nat Adderley(Co), Wes Montgomery(G), Bobby Timmons(P), Sam Jones(B&Ce), Keeter Betts(B&Ce), Percy Heath(B), Louis Hayes(D).

Work Song;  Pretty Memory;  I've Got a Crush on You;  Mean to Me;  Fallout;  Sack of Woe;  My Heart Stood Still;  Violets for Your Furs;  Scrambled Eggs.

Harold Land(TS), Joe Gordon(Tr), Wes Montgomery(G), Barry Harris(P), Sam Jones(B), Louis Hayes(D).

Ursula;  Don't Explain;  Klactoveedestene;  Terrain;  West Coast Blues;  Compulsion.

Cannonball Adderley(AS), Wes Montgomery(G), Victor Feldman(P), Ray Brown(B), Louis Hayes(D).

The Chant;  Lolita;  Azule Serape;  Au Privave;  Yours Is My Heart Alone;  Never Will I Marry.

MOVIN' ALONG  (1960)
Wes Montgomery(G), James Clay(F&TS), Victor Feldman(P), Sam Jones(B), Louis Hayes(D).

Movin' Along;  Tune Up;  Ghost of a Chance;  Sandu;  Body and Soul;  So Do It;  Says You.

Wes Montgomery(G), Buddy Montgomery(P), Monk Montgomery(B), Lawrence Marable(D).

Monterey Blues;  June in January;  Bud's Tune;  Lover Man;  Jingles.

Wes Montgomery(G), Buddy Montgomery(P), Monk Montgomery(B), Bobby Thomas(D).

Back to Back (Bock to Bock);  Groove Yard;  If I Should Lose You;  Delirium;  Just for Now;  Doujie;  Heart Strings;  Remember.

Wes Montgomery(G), Hank Jones(P), Ron Carter(B), Les Humphries(D), Ray Barretto(Per).

Twisted Blues;  Cotton Tail;  I Wish I Knew;  I'm Just a Lucky So and So;  Repetition;  Something Like Bags;  While We're Young;  One for My Baby.

Wes Montgomery(G), George Shearing(P), Buddy Montgomery(V), Monk Montgomery(B), Walter Perkins(D), Armando Peraza(Per).

Love Walked In;  Love for Sale;  No Hard Feelings;  Enchanted;  Stranger in Paradise;  The Lamp Is Low;  Double Deal;  And Then I Wrote;  Darn That Dream;  Lois Ann;  Mambo in Chimes.

Wes Montgomery(G), Buddy Montgomery(V), Monk Montgomery(B), Paul Humphries(D).

Jeanni;  Snowfall;  Angel Eyes;  Barbados;  This Love of Mine;  On Green Dolphin Street;  You Don't Know What Love Is;  Beaux Arts.

Milt Jackson(V), Wes Montgomery(G), Wynton Kelly(P), Sam Jones(B), Philly Joe Jones(D).

"S.K.J.";  Stablemates;  Stairway to the Stars;  Blue Roz;  Sam Sack;  Jingles;  Delilah.

FULL HOUSE  (1962)
Wes Montgomery(G), Johnny Griffin(TS), Wynton Kelly(P), Paul Chambers(B), Jimmy Cobb(D).

Full House;  I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face;  Blue 'n' Boogie;  Cariba;  Come Rain or Shine;  S.O.S.

FUSION  (1963)
Wes Montgomery(G), Phil Bodner(R), Hank Jones(P), Dick Hyman(P), Kenny Burrell(G), Milt Hinton(B), Osie Johnson(D), Gloria Agostini(H), Margaret Rose(H), Gene Orloff(Vi), Harry Lookofsky(Vi), David Nadien(Vi), Winston Collymore(Vi), Mac Ceppos(Vi), Arnold Eidus(Vi), Les Kruczek(Vi), Raow Poliakin(Vi), Isadore Zir(Vi), Sam Rand(Vi), Sylvia Shulman(Vi), Paul Winter(Vi), Ralph Hersh(Vi), Alfred Brown(Vi), Burt Fisch(Vi), Charles McCracken(Ce), George Ricci(Ce), Lucien Schmit(Ce), Kermit Moore(Ce).

All the Way;  Pretty Blue;  In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning;  Prelude to a Kiss;  The Girl Next Door;  My Romance;  God Bless the Child;  Tune Up;  Somewhere;  Baubles, Bangles and Beads.

Wes Montgomery(G), Mel Rhyne(O), Jimmy Cobb(D).

Besame Mucho;  Dearly Beloved;  Days of Wine and Roses;  The Trick Bag;  Canadian Sunset;  Fried Pies;  The Breeze and I;  For Heaven's Sake.

Wes Montgomery(G), Mel Rhyne(O), George Brown(D), Paul Parker(D).

The Way You Look Tonight;  Dreamsville;  Geno;  Missile Blues;  For All We Know;  Fried Pies.

Wes Montgomery(G), Mel Rhyne(O), George Brown(D).

Freddie the Freeloader;  Lolita;  Movin' Along;  Dangerous;  Yesterday's Child;  Moanin'.

MOVIN' WES  (1964)
Wes Montgomery(G), Jerome Richardson(R), Ernie Rowal(Tr), Clark Terry(Tr), Snooky Young(Tr), Jimmy Cleveland(Tb), Urbie Green(Tb), Chauncey Welsh(Tb), Quentin Jackson(Tb), Don Butterfield(Tu), Harvey Phillips(Tu), Bobby Scott(P), Bob Cranshaw(B), Grady Tate(D), Willie Bobo(Per).

Caravan;  Movin' Wes Part I;  Moca Flor;  Matchmaker, Matchmaker;  Movin' Wes Part II;  Senza Fine;  Theodora;  In and Out;  Born to be Blue;  West Coast Blues.

BUMPIN'  (1965)
Wes Montgomery(G), Roger Kellaway(P), Bob Cranshaw(B), Grady Tate(D), Helcis Milito(D), Candito Camero(Per), Harold Coletta(Vi), Davis Schwartz(Vi), Arnold Eidus(Vi), Lewis Eley(Vi), Paul Gersham(Vi), Julius Held(Vi), Harry Lookefsky(Vi), Jos Malignaggi(Vi), Gene Orloff(Vi), Sol Shapiro(Vi), Louis Haber(Vi), George Ricci(Ce), Charles McCracken(Ce), Margaret Ross(H).

Bumpin';  Tear It Down;  A Quiet Thing;  Con Alma;  Love Theme from "The Sandpiper" (Shadow of Your Smile);  Mi Cosa;  Here's That Rainy Day;  Musty.

Wes Montgomery(G), Wynton Kelly(P), Paul Chambers(B), Jimmy Cobb(D).

No Blues;  If You Could See Me Now;  Unit 7;  Four on Six;  What's New.

Wes Montgomery(G), Wynton Kelly(P), Paul Chambers(B), Jimmy Cobb(D).

Willow Weep for Me;  Impressions;  Portrait of Jennie;  Surrey with the Fringe on Top;  Oh You Crazy Moon;  Four on Six;  Misty.

Wes Montgomery(G), Herbie Hancock(P), Roger Kellaway(P), Grady Tate(D), Sol Gubin(D), George Duvivier(B), Wayne Andre(Tb), Quentin Jackson(Tb), Danny Moore(Tb), Jimmy Cleveland(Tb), Tony Studd(Tb), Donald Byrd(Tr), Joe Newman(Tr), Ernie Royal(Tr), Bob Ashton(R&F), Jerry Dodgion(R&F), Romeo Penque(R&F), Don Bank(R&F), Candido(Per).

Goin' Out of my Head;  O Morro;  Boss City;  Chim Chim Cheree;  Naptown Blues;  Twisted Blues;  End of a Love Affair;  It Was a Very Good Year;  Golden Earrings.

TEQUILA  (1966)
Wes Montgomery(G), Ray Barretto(Per), Ron Carter(B), Grady Tate(D), George Devens(V), Bernard Eichen(Vi), Anold Eidus(Vi), Paul Gershman(Vi), Emanuel Green(Vi), Gene Orloff(Vi), Joe Malin(Vi), Harry Lookefsky(Vi), Julius Held(Vi), Abe Keffler(Ce), Charles McCracken(Ce), George Ricci(Ce), Harvey Shapiro(Ce).

Tequila;  Little Child;  What the World Needs Now;  The Bir Hurt;  Bumpin' on Sunset;  How Insensitive;  The Thumb;  Midnight Mood.

Wes Montgomery(G), Al Casamenti(G), Bucky Pizzarelli(G), Herbie Hancock(P), Wayne Andre(Tb), Bill Watrous(Tb), John Messner(Tb), Mel Davies(Tr), James Nottingham(Tr), Bernie Glow(Tr), Ray Beckenstein(AS&F), Stan Webb(R&F), Walter Kane(R), James Buffington(Fr. Horn), Jack Jennings(Per), Don Butterfield(Tu), Richard Davis(B), Ray Barretto(Per), Grady Tate(D).

California Dreaming;  Sun Down;  Oh You Crazy Moon;  More, More, Amor;  Without You;  Winds of Barcelona;  Sunny;  Green Peppers;  Mr. Walker;  South of the Border.

Jimmy Smith(O), Wes Montgomery(G), Grady Tate(D), Ray Barretto(Per), Jimmy Maxwell(Tr), Joe Newman(Tr), Ernie Royal(Tr), Clark Terry(Tr), Jimmy Cleveland(Tb), Quentin Jackson(Tb), Melba Liston(Tb), Bob Ashton(R), Danny Bank(R), Jerry Dodgion(R), Jerome Richardson(R), Phil Woods(R), Tony Studd(Tb).

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